dbs Data managed services handles database creation, data maintenance, Database performance and monitoring. Our world class consultants can help any company in capacity planning, OS and software upgrades. Our data integration plans can help you combine and merge any data using different tools. The different compression strategies can help you save storage space. We help customers configure hardware and software so that data is not lost and data is easily available. Our strict adherence to security makes sure that your data is secured and safe.
db-services Our DBA services can provide you onsite and remote DBA’s for your project. You can call our DBA’s even for as small as 4 – 5 hours contract services. We can test your backup and restore scenarios or plans at out labs hardware and then implement at your site. Our remote DBA services checks the health of Databases everyday sends the report and alerts to the Managers as required. Call us to get the DBA’s services for short or long contract.
consultingservices Ace’s consulting services can help you in planning and executing total life cycle of the project. Our experts can help you starting from system architecture, data infrastructure, storage layouts, hardware, software and OS selection processes to finish line of documentation submission. We have comprehensive and efficient ways to design the technical solution for a client in a required budget. We can help clients in following consulting services
a) Project Management
b) Logical and Physical design Of database
c) Installing Operating Sytem and Databases
d) Upgrading Databases and OS
e) Migration of databases
f) Database creations
g) Database Compression
h) Capacity Planning
i) Performance , Monitoring and Tuning
j) Optimizing Processes
k) Replication
l) Federation
m) Planning Backup and restores
n) Alert Generation For Different Scenarios
o) Database and Schema comparisons
p) Data Comparisons
q) Data Masking
r) Test Data Generation
s) ETL Processes
t) Report Generation and deploying reports on internet or intranet
u) Design and Development of Applications
v) Onsite Trainings
w) Custom Trainings
x) Troubleshooting
y) Securing Operating Systems, Applications and Databases
z) Problem Solving