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• Over 20 years of experience in IT industry. Worked on various hardware areas including ES9000, IBM 390, IBM 370, RS 6000, AS/400, AIX, Solaris, Unix, HP Unix, Windows 2000 Server, Professional and Millennium edition and software areas including UDB DB2, DB2, Oracle, CICS, UNIX, UNIFY, JAVA, EJB and COBOL. • Has extensive experience in Data Base Administration, data modeling, analysis, design and development in mainframe and Client Server. Has worked as Data Base Administrator, DWA on UDB 6.x, 7.x AND 8.x. • Has 8 yrs+ experience as UDB DBA, Developer, FDA and DWA. • More than 4 yrs of Data modeling using ERWIN, Designer 2000. • 3 Yrs of Mainframe COBOL, DB2 and CICS Developer. • Has been 6 Yrs on UNIX as Administrator and COBOL developer. • Experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle. • Acted as consultant to large projects involving debugging of code written in COBOL, COBOL II, DB2, UDB DB2 (LUW), Oracle and Software Installation.

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Altering table Flavours

Yesterday doing alter column for an ecommerce client of mine I was asked to remove the generated always IDENTITY key from a table. Secondly asked to add a column for a name column where the added column  UCASE_NAME will always have alphabets translated to upper case. Third to alter an
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Load using database option of load cursor

Today's blog is about load using database option of load cursor When would I use this option? I don’t have federation license. I don’t have enough disk space for exports. I want ease of use (No federation setup). I want better performance as this load type uses fewer layers then federation.

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