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Forcing applications for db2 Instance

I am writing this blog after so long as has been busy eith 2 of my  financial clients. One of them , has lots of databases under one instance, I cannot force all the applications or run db2stop force as that would stop all the databases. Cutting paste so many
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Altering table Flavours

Yesterday doing alter column for an ecommerce client of mine I was asked to remove the generated always IDENTITY key from a table. Secondly asked to add a column for a name column where the added column  UCASE_NAME will always have alphabets translated to upper case. Third to alter an
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These tennis shots make me win my match in just two sets (1.5 hours)

Good Bye DB2’s got Talent
So march 15 th was my last presentation as I was in bottom three and Judges chose Ember Crook. Good Luck Ember , I would like you to win DB2’ Got Talent contest. I am almost going to miss my DB2’s got talent’s presentations preparation. But I think I did make some good friends. Thanks Scott Hayes , Susan Visser, Martin Hubel and Klass Brant , they always liked my presentations.
The topic of my presentation was “ These tennis shots make me win my match in just two sets (1.5 hours)” . In this I compared my SQL’s which I always carry to my first day of every consulting job . I am attaching a pdf of the presentation here.
All these SQL’s are tested by me and they work pretty good on Linux and windows. Please test them and if they don’t work get back to me.
Tip of the Week : Always make sure that your user and system temporary tables are distributed over file system or disks for better performance.
Here is the link for my presentation