How I successfully Designed, Implemented and Monitored IBM INFOSPHERE EVENT PUBLISHER: My Experience

That was the topic of my March 8th presentation at DB2’s Got Talent Contest. I discussed how I was able to write input data feed for Netezza in delimited format. Because the time was so short I was not able to discuss the 9 th slide “Some Monitoring SQL’s to Know “ . The query to get status of all MQ’s is very handy for all Q Replication developers /DBA’s. Actually all the shop should create alerts for them if any of the Queues are down . It’s nice to have alerts for inactive subscriptions too but one may question what about if you are running load, reorgs or runstats on the table or you don’t want to replicate or publish all the tables. I handled it by creating an exception table in that I added the names of the tables which were undergoing either load, or were offline. An alert will be generated for those tables whose subscription is in “Inactive” state but they are not in exception tables.
Thanks Judges, for saving me at DB2’s Got Talent Contest#2. Special thanks to Susan VIsser, Mark Huble and Klass Brant for unanimously saving me and moving me to next round of this contest. I had to present first as I was among last three contestants. This time Scott has asked everyone to vote for two or more contestants. So, friends, vote for me and one other deserving candidate. I hope I will not be nervous for my this week’s presentation, which is on March 15 th.
I am going to attach the link for the presentation here.

Tip of the week: For Q replication or Event Publication always have an email alert created for inactive queues.

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