Small Changes Bring Big Results

It’s so nice to write my first blog about my participation in DB2’s GOT TALENT Contest. The reason I participated in this contest is that you can learn so much in those small db2 presentations regarding educational tips and tricks . I would suggest to anyone who knows db2 that they should participate in this one. Now let’s come to my presentation on this contest. My topic was “HOW SMALL CHANGES CAN BRING BIG RESULTS”. I took a fictitious situation and showed how I was able to help a customer in dire straits. The judges’ response was very positive for the presentation and they moved me to the finals. Thanks Judges!!! For anyone who is interested in viewing, I will be attaching a link at the end. This week I have been extremely busy in designing my website. It is progressing pretty well. I would like all those db2 knowledgeable people to answer the “QUIZ OF THE DAY” on website questions every day. At the end of the month whoever answers maximum correct questions will receive $25 Amazon gift card. Please answer these questions that will help everyone attain their certification preparation as well as in getting a gift.

Tip Of this week: This one is for all the DBA’s: Always keep a log of all the database changes.


  1. Aarti Sharma

    It is a really nice blog and will be of great help to us!! Looking forward for more of these kind.
    All The best!

  2. Akshay Bhardwaj

    This is some serious stuff!!yet I like it!! let the ball rolling…way to go….cheers!!!

  3. SHK. Umesh

    It is a really nice blog of db2
    All The best!

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