New DDL comparison tool on DB2 UDB LUW

Today’s Blog is about one of the ACE DBA’s products. The first one is ACECOMPDDL, which compares the DDL of two databases, schemas and objects on db2 udb LUW databases. I remember why I had to create this utility , at a client’s place I had Q replication set up at production. The production DBA’s used to make changes to the DDL but there was no communication between them and Q Rep DBA/ Developers. As a result Q replications subscriptions used to go down. This utility can help in such scenarios, by  sending  the email alert for any of the DDL changes which may happen  in any environment. You can also deploy this utility to send the DDL changes at the test environment via email alerts and later one may propagate these changes to QA and Production environment. I like specially ACECOMPDDL  because  it not only compares two db2 udb LUW databases but also compares two schemas in same database or two tables in the same schema. So take test run  of  this extremely helpful utility  and  I am very  sure you will see its great  value because of its ease of deployment and number of hours saved  in comparing DDL’s.
The link for the presentation is attached here:

Tip of the week : This one is for DBA’s ,  before dropping any index , check lastused
column of syscat.indexes tables to see , when it was used . This lastused
column gives the correct information on db2 udb version 9.7 fixpack 5 onwards.

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